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22 March 2021

We started using the accumulator on 10 March. My wife began the sessions of 30 minutes increasing each day by five minutes at a time. Although the cabin was very pleasant, the smell of wood for example, but it also feels good around, I didn't have high expectations especially so shortly. On Saturday 13 instead my wife felt like going out in the morning for a long two hour walk and in the afternoon she wanted to succeed again for a new walk where we could even do two shopping together, something that hadn't happened for months. Presence has improved, above all the voice and the look are almost normal again. During the days there were ups and downs but still maintaining a constant positive. The seat is slightly difficult to maintain for an hour even to the largest extent. Maybe you should find ways to rest your arms or adjust a bit’ the inclination of the back, but otherwise we are absolutely happy to have it.

04/April / 2020

A distance of 8 year old, since my mother was operated on for bowel cancer, I wanted to collect this experience in a sheet to thank heaven for having known it a few years before this strong adventure.

In December 2012, at the age of 75 year old, my mother is diagnosed with bowel cancer.

My mother after seeing her father die, a sister and brother for the same problem, he is on the ground and thinks that everything is about to end.

The same evening I call her on the phone and after a chat I get an Accumulator (my mother calls it "The box") a week later my mother arrived, the 21 December 2012, start the sessions immediately.

Temperatures are not even disastrous, most without variation some negative and some positive

From 10 al 17 January enters the hospital for the operation.

All right the tumor was localized in the thickness of the colon wall and did not affect the lymph nodes around it…… all clean.

At the first checkup, he is not given any supportive therapy or radio or chemo fortunately, even though my mother had confessed to me that if they told her she had to do it, would have refused.

The temperatures after the operation collapsed, the 95% they are negative.

The first week of March my mother goes on a trip to the Holy Land Israel, stopping therapy and this can be seen immediately from the temperatures detected once the sessions resumed, if there was a few positive days before the trip, after …. all negative.

In an email that I kept, he wrote to me:

I am very happy with the positive development this experience is taking.

However, I must underline a very serious mistake not to repeat again.

Skipping a week of recharge is a very serious mistake especially for an organism that is recovering.

Previous cases have bitterly repented those who believed they were out of danger and afford these lightness.

The strong improvements in health often lead to lowering the guard causing relapses that were sometimes recognized too late and were very difficult to recover.

A greeting

Advised my mother not to interrupt the sessions anymore, we also get an orgone blanket so on her beach holidays she can take it with her and continue her therapy.

While in the mountain living room that lasted three months we still brought the accumulator.

To get to have all positive temperatures, in a continuous way, we arrived in June 2015 ben 18 months after the operation, slow, slow progression duration 18 months.

In this time, although the temperatures were sometimes negative, my mother showed vitality and desire to do from the beginning, even if the temperatures weren't right.

For the first 5 years my mother has been under control every six months with Tac, blood tests, rectoscopies and screens.

Every time the response of these checks has always been negative, even though before the checks my mother was always terrified.

In 2018, is defined as cured by "official" medicine, now the checks must do them 1 once a year.

He still continues to do his sessions every day and his temperatures rise by over a degree and if I can remember them, there was an even greater increase in the autumn of 2018 after my mother had acupuncture sessions for back pain (she has always suffered from pains of this type, as a young man he wore busts with splints for some time), since then they have exceeded the degree and a half of increase between entry and exit.

He is still in excellent health and life is smiling at him ….

I want to thank you with great affection, I am really happy that our paths have met.

Signed letter


20 feb 2020

I have a beautiful new: after 4 years of silence Saturday I returned the cycle, so spontaneously. It seems, by controls, has mentioned that one of the ovaries to ovulate. Still I can not believe!
I hope it's the beginning of a complete awakening.
(signed letter)


10 feb 2018

... ..the sending the temperatures of my mother with great consistency continues to take them diligently. I wanted to point out the leap of the increase of charging power in November and December, confirmed in January. When I saw the values ​​I thought it was wrong to copy some data, but nothing errors. The only thing that happened, but not if it can be connected to this increase, It is that in December I took my mother to still make acupuncture sessions. Could it clear few block and circulated energy better throughout the body…. but it's just my guess. For the rest, My mother is well and I have nothing else to report. I regretted very much not being able to participate in its conference in Milan. I hope can repeat and have no commitments last minute, preventing me to meet her and thank her for her work.

Kind regards



Happy Birthday 2015

No matter how much we give but how much love we put into what we give. Happy birthday heart for giving us the opportunity to learn about the good fortune of the orgone accumulator utility.

Thanks Mariuccia and Roberta


24 November 2015

…the last check-ups, for the tumor, They are in place and also the oncologist told him that all is well.
All's well that good CONTINUES.

excerpt from a letter signed


5 November 2013

I enclose the temperatures of October Mom

The last checks are fine, here is some data :

CEA 2,0 Nanog / ml up to 5

CA-125 22,1 U / ml up to 35

SUCH AS 15-3 20,6 U / ml up to 30

hemoglobin 13,2 gr/dl 12,0-16,0

platelets 267 1000/mm*3 130-400

Regards Sonia


18 October 2013

Last Sunday (lunch) for me not to miss anything or maybe to have a chance to experience Orgone, I almost sliced ​​whole ball of his left thumb, no I wanted to overdo, I left the piece attached to the rest of the finger for only about an inch. As I have done on similar occasions, I tried to ricombaciare the piece in its place and then I left it wrapped tight for a few hours. In the evening I went to see if the piece had become detached irrecoverable (very dark) or there was some hope of recovery, you could hope for and that is where I thought I would use the glove orgone, poor choice, the pain was increasing already high as to be unbearable, I had to give. Monday evening, seen that the color was encouraging I put the glove, no negative reaction, I left it all night as well as the following nights. Final summary: Wednesday could hold without any pain between thumb and forefinger a full glass of water, Thursday was already working normally without feeling the wound and Saturday the cut was fully reabsorbed into place almost no longer distinguishable from the rest of the finger with only a small part of a multi colored pink.

The question I ask myself and I : is normal that a person like me 66 years could have a complete healing of a wound of this type in the time 4/5 days ?

Good job


16 there 2013

eureka, finally last night the mother-in-law spoke “actually feel physically more present” we sincerely we already noticed, but direct admission is another thing. Then the blanket is producing some results, continue to monitor.

good job,

signed letter


3 April 2013

…sending the data collected in March.

My mother was, after 40 days from the transaction, a week in Jerusalem.

It seems incredible.

From her we are: the fact that there were no metastases and also the visit oncological found no positive lymph nodes, redid the blood tests and markers are negative, the holiday was one thing he wanted to do and did it effortlessly indeed said that there were people who made it harder for her.

Although the physical, seeing temperatures, seems not respond yet, my mother just feels good.

Now it's gone a week at sea. I told him to take the blanket to not break the sessions but did not do it…

The temperatures are still significantly negative even if the initial temperature is raised (I hope it is a good sign).

The oncologist did not give nessuan diet to follow and no therapy to do, should just redo the blood tests in three months.

Signed letter


30 March 2013


The examination was carried out on an empty stomach (glycemia: 103) technique with PET / CT 60 minutes after administration e.v. 18F-FDG.

Were acquired images of tracer distribution of vitality tumor from the skull base to the pelvis (total body) for a period of 20 minutes.

Were reconstructed tomographic sections reoriented according to a coronal plane and the sagittal plane (resolving power of the method: about 5 mm).

These clinical: restaging in Pz with metastatic breast ca pluritrattato. Currently treated with Aromasin.

The images obtained show no focal areas of pathological accumulation of the radiopharmaceutical, especially not prominent focal hypermetabolic lymph node of meaning and therefore metabolic picture not current evolutionary than previous similar control of PET 10.10.2012.

CD: absence of localization of disease in a state of increased glucose metabilismo.


3 December 2012

I send you the temperatures in November, fluctuate but are very much confident. I is increased appetite and are also greased. I made the magnetic resonance and for the first time read “nienta to report”, although it is too early to say that this is the work of the accumulator gives me so much charge and increases my desire to live. I put the battery in front of the window and every time I look at the sky and I hope this wonderfully bright light radiate warming my body and my soul. I feel stronger with joy inside that allows me to play with my granddaughter as if I was a little girl like her. Heartfelt thanks. Nadia


O2 in September 2012

Good morning Doctor, the sending temperatures of September my mother.

The usual checks are fine:

CEA = 2,18

Ca = 21,4


2 February 2012

Good Morning, I wanted to thank you again because, after having passed a chronic pain due to bursitis in his knee, eliminated elbow pain ( epicondylitis ), and greatly reduced the shoulder pain, the benefits that he had his back to mother, 74 year old , Also my wife, while being very skeptical ( did not believe it at all ) has found its benefit.

Not a day went by that, both in the evening than in the morning when you get up, complained that she was tired and could no longer to go to work, like broken record ……

Now, after three weeks, that every evening puts the blanket on the bed or. and he sleeps

She stopped complaining ……… without his knowledge.

If I did note would say that is not true, but I that are beside every day I realize

the difference in behavior and especially of its physical state.

Obviously I can not possibly compare these results with the Lady who cured cancer with CO. but the benefits that you have only covered with O. are considerable and change, for the better, the general welfare of the physical.

Thanks again

Francis A.


1 December 2011

Good Morning

The sending temperatures recorded during the month of November.

My mother is using c.o.

and he told me that when he uses, in the morning when he gets up, his back pain

and decreased and is very satisfied.

I take this opportunity to extend

Kind regards

Signed letter


04 November 2011

As promised are available to the medical reports of the lady who has solved his uterine cancer striving voluntarily and independently only the accumulator, so without using any cancer therapy official. The reports are available by clicking here or, returning to the main menu, the voice: Various communications.


9 June 2011

….I send temperatures with graphic. ………. continues to

feel good (I would say very well). Then these days I'll call you.

Signed letter


8 May 2011

…a note to update you on…. which continues to be comfortable; Tac results give us a stationary situation or even improved.

I say so because the report of the April Tac describes 3 nodules, while in the previous December, referenced, lung nodules were at least 6.

Either way you'll know, In fact, we will go to Milan on Thursday by an oncologist.

False, I noticed a close link between the temperature and the physical state. Without it measure its temperature, often can not tell if he is “load” (then with a good temperature) or if it needs to charge.

Even the brightness of the face, and the liveliness of the eye is in my opinion closely linked to its “office” Energy.

Finally, I tell you that I think, Now the oncologist begins to be puzzled on the evolution of the disease.

What about… thank you, really thanks.

Signed letter


8 April 2011

…. continues to feel good and actually last night I saw him better than some months ago. Also we are surprised.

The only annoyance is that the swelling of hands and a bit of exhaustion that we notice only when it's chemo.

There Is’ however, to say that during these months, he never stopped going to the gym for gymnastics (2 times per week); it is not’ hands was in bed for inconvenience resulting from chemo; and that the other settiamana cropped alone the hedge fence of the house!

So I would say that we are really on top of what we could spserare.

Logiacamente we continue to be cautious. I monitorizzo father quotidinamente, not only on the physical, but also on the psychological.

Signed letter


2 April 2011

Hello …..,so good….I am attaching the temperatures in March mom… the last check went well, here is some value analysis, tell me what you think?

CEA 1,86 ng / ml

SUCH AS 15-3 16,5 UI/ml

hemoglobin 14,9 gr/dl

platelets 243.000

hello soon

Signed letter


21 March 2011

….. I write this brief email to update you on …..; present day

afternoon he worked all day for the exterior maintenance of the house.

I was impressed to see him full of energy, as it was a few years ago.

A hug, and sincere thanks!!

Signed letter


21 February 2011

I am writing this email, but I would rather call because we really are full of joy for the results of the analyzes.

... Attached are sending the analysis results. The oncologist and’ remained (as I had told her) very satisfied and we can say also amazed…

……….. continues to feel good, and except very few times that had temperatures in the negative and a bit of tiredness, the values ​​we look very good.

As soon as we have the results of the next control (between about 3 weeks), write a short letter, that if he wants, will report on its website.



4 February 2011

My name is Adriana and I want to tell you briefly my story with a happy ending.

About a couple of years ago I underwent a PAP -TEST and that 'positive result.

Immediately I 'was advised to do a colposcopy by which showed a uterus carcinoma grade C3.

I also made a conization with related hospitalization for two days.

From the results obtained prof. following me advised me to have surgery uterus, telling me that it would be better.

I note that they are still of childbearing age and you can imagine the state of mind after learning this news.

Fortunately are aware of the benefits that could be obtained with the use of the accumulator and started its use.

It 'a year that I use and so far the result' was exciting.

A few days ago I repeated all analyzes and and 'came out that cancer and' regressed to c1.

When I read the results I burst into tears of joy.

Currently I continue to use the battery and I thank those who told me about it and made me know.

If I had not taken advantage of this good fortune today would have been a woman crippled.

Greetings Adriana


October 2010:

Faithful transcription of a text message that was sent to me:

4 months after operat. I had come from a small lump controll….remade control settiman last, disappeared…..because they chiedon…I could not believe it myself…then it works…Meanwhile, thanks…


21 March 2010

Caro xxxxxxx, good morning.

Ieri will (Saturday) I made a visit at the clinic of thoracic surgery at Careggi (Florence) for the evaluation of the lesions in the lung (a left and a right).

If memories, I have sent you an email about 30 days ago.

I had requested the intervention because the TAC of the end of January was recorded growth of these lesions (I call them as I called them the surgeon, but no one knows yet whether or not metastases).

Before surgery, this time, I asked him to repeat the TAC at a distance of 40 days to evaluate whether there was an actual increase in the volume or was instead “effect ” the change of machinery and contrast medium used (CT scan of the end of January I made it at a new location of the hospital in Prato, unlike all those made previously).

NO were detected increases in volume between 21 January and 10 March.

For this reason I decided to NOT have surgery and review all again in late June.

HOWEVER I have come back to mind some of your words .

During some of my calls I chidevi if the oncologist noted something strange.

Now I can tell you that it is so, and perhaps it was even before, but I had never said.

Even told me that if he did not know that for my case, exist histological examinations which demonstrate the excision of a sarcoma (lipo or leio it) diagnosed by two laboratories (Careggi and Milan-INT), he could not say that I have to deal with a cancer patient of this type.

In fact, the so-called “injuries”, as defined by the surgeon on Saturday night, do not have the pseudo-spherical shape that have the metastasis of sarcoma.

Also are single and not cluster.

Also the repetition, if these are these injuries, took place after a long time (while generally after export of pulmonary metastases is not done in time to start the cycle of chemo that already have reappeared).

In these 40 days have elapsed, Wilson is expected to find an increase in volume and not give credence to my argument that the difference was due only to the change of equipment, contrast materials and procedures.

This time I put into motion my brain engineer expert analysis of problems, using a technique that I use for decades to solve the problems in companies that have direct and in those in which I was consulting.

For all these reasons, for their, are a case quite unique.

So I ask you, can you tell me what you mean when you asked me if the oncologist saw strange things ?

What are these strange things? These lesions have the V shape and the surface have frayed, not as smooth as it happens in lung metastases of sarcoma.

I can explain well and perfectly what you expect and what you're waiting ?

I continue to do the sessions in the accumulator, even if I do not take more temperatures.




11 November 09

Hello, are Sabrina… non ho the temperature …. not take them consistently and slavishly how would you have me …. are a bad collaborator, to write down anything that you ask …. but you should talk to those of my house to know that not a day passes in which disappears inside the accumulator.

I have no words to describe what I feel, every moment that in there within my day regenerates.

I do not know what I should really try being locked in there, but the initial fear and skepticism of the first moments, I learned that as I go in there regenerated, able to have a different view of things, maybe before me oppressed, I leave happy and with a memory of something from my childhood, adolesceza of my and my life a few years ago and I understand that then snub.

These things you wanted to say from the time …. but these words in a row so they struggled to come out of myself from my hands and I probably will not ever come out of the mouth.