The results that come from those who spontaneously, voluntarily and independently He is working towards the accumulator, going beyond the most optimistic expectations.

Thus a therapy is possible even if not authorized by the institutions.

This, however, more and more people to personal initiatives “fai da te” that while getting amazing results, They should be followed.

Under medical supervision we could exponentially increase the number of successes,it.

We reiterate that we are open to any verification provided serious, Official and public.

Anyhow, the results confirm that recharge the body is the best solution.

According to Dr.. Wilhelm Reich fact, the cancer cell is not the cause but the consequence of cancer, it is a by-product and as such does not interest as a therapeutic target.

Cancer is a disease which rather relates to the energy state of the whole organism and not the problem of a single cell.

Therefore it is not productive to focus on the diseased cell but rather try to charge as soon as the whole organism.

From spontaneous reports that come to us we are seeing that when this happens the result is an arrest and / or reabsorption of a degenerative process.

When the disease is far advanced it is not unhinged, there is still a great improvement in the quality of life.

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For a personal interview and free is recommended, if possible, the presence of a trusted physician.