Angiogenesis according to Dr.. W . Kingdom

Tumor angiogenesis from the orgonomic point of view

For angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from preexisting vessels other.



This phenomenon deserves special explanation when it comes to cancer.

In 1971 Dr. Judah Folkman hypothesized that prevent or stop the formation of blood vessels within the tumor mass (tumor angiogenesi) deprived of vital nutrients cancer cells that form the tumor and then you could beat cancer.

All oncology believes that angiogenesis is stimulated by the tumor to ensure nourishment and growth.

For this reason, with the slogan "starve the cancer" have been allocated huge financial resources to find drugs to inhibit this process.

Intuition has not yet brought the expected results.

Actually, according to Dr.. Kingdom, angiogenesis that occurs in the tumor mass has a completely different function from the assumed one from oncology classic.

From the point of view orgonomic tumor angiogenesis is a strong response of the body against cancer and for the reason that we will see it can bring huge improvements or become a fatal own goal.

Step by step and see why.

The explanation starts from a distance and to understand angiogenesis that occurs in the tumor mass must summon an unexpected blood cell: the red blood cell.

And 'real and known by almost everyone that the red blood cell is closely related to breathing.

His job is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs.

Actually it has another function of nature specifically energy.

According to Dr.. Kingdom, the atom of iron in hemoglobin that is inside the red blood cell, making it instead an efficient accumulator of orgone energy.

This is easily observable with the tests Reich blood after a long use of the charging techniques Orgonomic.

For cancer in particular, according to Dr.. Kingdom, the recovery process or complete meltdown comes by energy charge that the red blood cells.

Let's see how the two things can happen:

Through the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesi) the body does is push the red blood cells within the tumor to approach as much as possible to the cancer cells and bacilli T.

This is because the red blood cells healthy and heavily loaded as soon as you are close to a cancer cell or a bacillus T, by operation of law Orgonomic for which the energy system stronger attracts the weakest, attract and “spolpano” energetically much weaker bacilli T or cancerous cells.

When for example a T bacillus enters the range of a red blood cell load, It can be seen under the microscope, the formation of an energy bridge from the bright red blood cell to the bacillus T, a kind of the number "eight" the shape of which resembles the contact of two drops of water without the complete fusion into a single drop.

If the red blood cell is sufficiently strong and load, shortly after the bacillus T, traditionally very mobile, It is immobilized and in a sense "dies". (what really happens and what are the other consequences will be explained on another occasion)

For the cancerous cells, which they are much larger than a bacillus T, sometimes they need more red blood cells enthusiast to surround and "kill". (also in this case what really happens it will be explained on another occasion.

When on the contrary the red blood cells are energy drains the story is very different and it is in this state that the body builds its own goal.
With the phenomenon of angiogenesis, Also red blood drains are equally pushed very deep inside the tumor always with the intention to place them as possible in contact with cancer cells or T bacilli that should fight and destroy.
Red blood cells energy drains fail, however, to get the better of tumor indeed if the energy charge of cancerous cells and bacilli T exceeds the low charge of the red blood cell, (reminding us that in orgonomy system stronger attracts the weaker), It will be cancer with its cancerous cells and its bacilli T “spolpare” energetically every red blood cell.

It vine physically destroyed, disrupted vescicolarmente with possible formation of more bacilli T.
In other words, the sending and the use of red blood cell energetically discharges into the tumor mass, It has the same effect as sending frontline soldiers without ammunition.

Instead of defending ourselves, become prey.
Hence also the explanation of the strong anemia, prostration, the fatigue striking feature the advanced patients and terminals.