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The cancer is explainedchile, easy

The reading of this text requires minimal but necessary mental elasticity

We compare the healthy cell to a large company.

If this company has economic and financial difficulties of one of the first steps that a company is in trouble implementing the dismissal of all or most of its staff.

If I and the readers that at this time I read, we imagined between the workers laid off, from now on we should think about how to reorganize our future life.

The good idea that could circular is to get together in small groups and open many new small businesses. (bar, pizzerias, pub, small craft activities, small cooperatives etc ...)

Now let us ask ourselves two questions:

These new activities procure nuisance to the community?

These new activities that have made close companies that have fired?

The answer to the first question is NO.

We might otherwise be very accepted and receive good appreciation such as: You saw those good guys as you have rolled up their sleeves ...?

The answer to the second question is another NO.

We are not the result of the closure of large company, on the contrary, our second activity is the consequence of that dismissal.

In summary:


Yet we could become very dangerous for the community.

If our second business took off not, if the crisis was so strong that even compel us to close, the consequences could be very serious.

Desperate and without any form of livelihood many of us, to live, could slip into illegal activities and delinquent.

Someone for example may begin to steal.

If our victims were other companies, for them already suffering because of the strong current crisis, some might give the coup de grace to the definitive collapse and forcing the closure.

Here, too, the workers begin to be laid off and like us on, Once unemployed, will try to open a second business.

We might expect that because of the persistent crisis not even take off their second activity, and in no time they will end up among the criminals already in the ranks ingrossarne.

And 'intuitive vicious circle that is created.

More criminals around, several companies mugged and at a time of severe crisis, more failures, more layoffs, more attempts for new activities that open but do not take off, and as a final result even more potential criminals around.

Move all the reasoning in biology.

The cell that suffers (company bankrupt) produces small vesicles. (off workers).

These vesicles reorganize themselves and produce the cancer cell. (workers who reorganize themselves in a second activity).

The cancer cell is therefore NOT the cause of cancer but the consequence.

The opening of the second activity by the workers is NOT the cause that is close the big company but the consequence of the dismissal.

Imagine a group of unemployed people after opening a second activity, you see the doorbell eg. the police on suspicion of being their, with new activities, the cause of the failure of the parent from which they were fired.

The thought is for all therapies that kill the cancer cell considered as a cause of cancer and one target to hit.

But the problem is not in this particular.

The cancer cell is well tolerated by the body, it is well known fact that many patients live with it for years without knowing they are sick.

What is then the difference between the apparent health and have a terrible disease?

At one point, the cancer cells die (this is: necrosis within the tumor mass), or our second activity maybe because of the economic crisis does not take off, closes. (total despair and propensity to delinquent behavior)

We produce bacilli T (our delinquents).

They attack healthy cells by triggering the reaction vesicular. (criminals attacking companies still healthy but suffering forcing the closure and dismissal).

Closes the circle.

From the new reaction vesicles (layoffs) reorganize other cancer cells (new activities) that their necrosis (also closing the second activity) form other bacilli T. (criminals and desperate)

Bacilli T products are added to those already existing and mass attack other healthy cells causing them to a new production of vesicles.

The vesicles produce other cancer cells, and so on until the death of the patient in a crescendo of putrefaction total tissue and subsequent death.

What could be the solution?

If in a period of severe crisis, banks could give loans easy and without burden, none of this would happen.

A company in difficulty could receive the necessary funding, thus could overcome their problems and then for example, NOT dismiss.

There would be fewer criminals and unemployed with less propensity to open new business.

Above all there would be a strong reabsorption of them.

A company in recovery, could "clean up" the community by the unemployed-offenders by offering them a normal and honest work.

In biology this whole "charging" and the subsequent benefits you can implement it with the use of the accumulator for which we should make a separate discussion with the institutions.